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To tread the treacherous path to durable success today, organizations must acquire uncanny ability to sense the winds of change and make swift, fool-proof decisions. The   complexity of business today is so perplexing that even the seasoned organizations are forced to continually revisit their strategies to ensure efficacy; which makes it critical to   examine opportunities and challenges from every possible angle. We arm our clients to do it.

 We empower clients to see beyond the tip of the iceberg (of opportunities) and help create value for long term. We combine insight and innovation to offer integrated solutions that bring about irrefutable change. Our growth and transformation strategies are designed to set clear targets, identify the right growth opportunities, allocate the most appropriate resources, and manage   growth smartly.    

 This page provides detailed information about all our services.



  • Supremo  Business Excellence Enabling System
  • Enterprise Strategy Management System  

I.    Consulting services

  • Building  a world-class company based on EFQM  /  Baldridge excellence models  
  • Strategy  development for competitive  advantage
  • Strategy consulting for e-governance

       Strategy deployment   through installation of information technology (Strategic Resource Management)

  • Psychocybernetic  assessment systems for  talent management  
  • Corporate culture  change
  • HR  Policy  Development
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Developing world-class  Customer Satisfaction enhancement system
  • Building a world-class procurement system  - Procurement  system development  & review
  • Performance appraisal & development
  • ISO   Systems implementation & Auditing  

II.     Training & Development

  • Building strategy innovation
  • Developing an excellence foundation for your company
  • Developing  Emotional Intelligence & Spiritual Intelligence
  • Effective  communication skills
  • Leadership & Motivation
  • Time Management for Productivity