Investor Relations

BET   is an integrated  management consulting &  technology services company operating in  India as well as  the Gulf with an ambitious  growth strategy. We offer  brilliant solutions to  organizations seeking  greater  results and   effectiveness. BET   collaborates with clients to help them  effectively  take on their challenges  accomplish their  goals.  

We consider  our investor relationship management  a most  critical area and hence we have devised a fool-proof  system to  manage it. IRM  is  solidly embedded in the executive leadership structure to ensure  total effectiveness.   

Executive Leadership

Shown below is the   executive leadership of  Blue-Chip Holding   

  •      President & Chief Executive Officer
  •      Senior VP  & Chief Operating Officer
  •      Chief Financial Officer
  •      Chief Technology  Officer

Chief Strategy Officer

  •      Director of Marketing
  •      Director of R&D
  •      Director – Human Capital
  •      Investor Relations Officer

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