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Lately, CSR  has become a  bone of contention  in business circles.  Many  critics  are of the opinion that  CSR  fund  should be  created by  using personal  income, not that of shareholders. We rather  share the view of  proponents that CSR itself is a wealth-creating opportunity. A company with environmentally friendly practices,  we  believe, may take in extra revenue from consumers who  support  their position. It may attract idealistic employees who will work extra dedication  or accept lower  remuneration.  Its initiatives may generate subsidies or tax credits;  and  its capital costs may be lower than average because investors who value its environmental rating will be satisfied with more-modest returns. As stated by the department of Trade and Industry in the United Kingdom, CSR represents "the integrity with which a company governs itself, fulfills its mission, lives by its values, engages with its stakeholders, measures its impact and reports on its activities".

We know it’s often  difficult to  show that companies  generate new revenue or have lower labor costs because of any given CSR practice. However,  we firmly support CSR  initiative – both ours as well as our clients’.  To practice what we preach,  BET will  set aside a minimum  2% of its book profit  ( profit after tax computed in accordance with International Financial  Reporting Standards – IFRS  -  and as adjusted for by profit or loss on disposal or revaluation of fixed assets, where any such profit/loss or revaluation is credited/debited to profit and
loss account)  for  CSR  related disbursement. The funding   will be  aimed at  the  following  areas  of intervention :  

  • Socio Economic Development  (including gender and human rights)
  • Health
  • General societal  welfare  initiatives
  • Education & Training
  • Environment
  • Catastrophic intervention & support
  • Programs related to  food security

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