Corporate Social - Responsibility


The need for   ethically guided, principle-centered  leadership and   business practices  are   highly   critical   in today’s    complex and volatile   business environment.  Our   CSR objectives are   aimed at    delivering    added value to  all  our stakeholders –   both external and internal -  as well  as   our   communities   &   the environment.  We   are committed to    upholding   a set of sublime values   in this regard.

Our foundation rests solidly on our core values & beliefs.  We highly respect and have adopted the concept of responsible business practice.   We aim to  be   easily   approachable  to our customers  to  remain a  reliable,  long-term partner. Our customers are the centre of our world.  we are committed to  helping them  enhance  their  performance & results.  We fully understand that we must   have a great deal of agility and  sagacity.  We are aware that we   ought to adapt to changing technology and unpredictable global conditions.  

Our commitment to sustainably drive operational efficiency, relentlessly pursue innovation, and   fulfill the needs and expectations of customers, employees, and society is  unshakeable.  This commitment is deeply ingrained in our culture and philosophy.  BET leadership ensures that sustainability goals and priorities drive all aspect of our   operations.  

BET  attaches paramount importance to  philanthropy. As an effective means to help the needy   in society, BET has  set up a CSR foundation. A  portion of our earnings are channeled to the foundation  to carry out various humanitarian and  charitable  assistance. A panel   would   study  and assesses  needs for such assistance  to   disburse   funds.  You can learn more  about it within the site.

Our Commitments:

  • Leadership,  Principles,  and  Values.   We   are dedicated to our   Principles,  and  Values .   All our activities are  guided by them,  and we shall never   act in   conflict with them.  Our leadership   constantly   derives strength from  Spiritual   Intelligence.   

  • Our People: Employees and the  Company.   We consider our people our most valued asset.   Hence we are  committed to  respect  preserve their rights.   We   believe   we  must  continually  ensure their motivation,   affective  commitment , and loyalty.     We   strive to  provide them  a safe  and   pleasant   environment  to   work,  learn,  and grow.   We strive to promote   ethical  and   result-oriented  practices  so that our   people   enhance  their    capabilities    and deliver their best.   We   constantly    focus   on the professional development and  wellbeing of all our employees.  

  • Clients:    Long-term partnerships   with   durable   solutions.    We view our clients  as our partners in progress.  We seek to  partner    with our  clients,   understand their  exact needs, and   design &  deliver   fool-proof solutions   to   help them achieve    palpable   results.  Our solutions evolve from continuous research and   customer feedback.   We ensure that  our solutions never  exclude the  CSR   factor.    

  • Communities:   Fulfilling  obligations   to  society.   Ensuring a positive impact on the communities in which we live and operate. As a major global employer we work on both national and international levels with local authorities and organizations on community projects. We encourage the involvement of our employees in community development.

  • Suppliers & Business Partners: working with our suppliers and business partners and committing to sound and sustainable procurement procedures, to ensure that our suppliers and business partners adhere to the same principles as we do.

  • The Environment: Recognizing our impact on the environment we strive to reduce any negative environmental impact in the areas most relevant to our business, in particular energy use, travel and waste management. Long term sustainability is the key and we strive to increase employee awareness, reduce our impact and increase our positive contribution.

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