Code of Business Ethics

Code of Business Ethics, Ethics & Compliance Program and Corporate Investigations


BET  considers  business ethics, corporate governance and transparency of operations  highly critical to  its  existence.  BET   is   deeply committed to  its business ethics, corporate governance and  operational  transparency


BET’s  Ethics and Compliance program  was  created by  our board of directors. It is  designed to achieve these key objectives :

  • Sustain the  highest ethical standards amongst  BET   personnel.
  • Ensure timely  prevention, detection  and  effective  reporting and addressing  of  all  types of   allegations /  misconduct / violations of law by  BET  personnel.
  • Strictly  act  in accordance with  all   government   rules &  regulations.
  • Ensure effective adoption of   standards  and practices  required by BET   suppliers

BET   Ethics & Compliance program includes written standards and procedures; training and communications;  continuous   support of  top  leadership;  effective  delegation of authority; auditing  /  monitoring;  strict   enforcement and discipline; and  swift  response and  implementation  of  preventive measures.

BET   Code of Business Ethics

The  BET   Code of   Business Ethics  will be continually  reviewed and  updated in response to emerging  situations.  
Our Code is built on a foundation of our core values & principles.  It covers a  extensive set of   behaviors for our people to put  our  the core values & principles in action. We provide   examples of how  our guidelines  apply to everyday work at  BET.

Strict   compliance  with  ethical principles  ensures   that  BET’s  functioning  is  above board.   We are committed to  conducting  business  with utmost integrity,  respect,  transparency, and  fairness. All  our activities are guided by  the code of business ethics.  BET’s  compliance practices are aimed at  sustaining   a solid  reputation as an ethical and responsible company. BET   is committed to preserving  such an image   and ensuring  that  all  aspects of  our business   are conducted strictly in accordance  with our guiding principles and values. 


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