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Your privacy on  BET  Website

Our basic goal  about  maintaining this website is  to  remain a  valuable   resource and business  aid   to help  the visitors  improve their  knowledge, thinking,  and  insight.   We want  every visitor to   feel secure when  visiting our site. We are committed to ensuring  your privacy while being at this site. We give  below  a  brief   of  our  actions / efforts  with regard to  protecting  your privacy during your visit.

What information do we gather?

We gather  information on  our website  mostly by  collecting  what you  voluntarily submit   to us.  It may include such  acts as   registering  for  an event or to   gain access to premium content,  responding   to a survey,   requesting  future communications about specific areas of interest, ordering  a white paper,  and   participation  in an online survey.  After we  collect this type of information, we  make it a point to   notify you as to why we are seeking  the information and how  it  will be used.  You may either refuse or comply with  our request. 
Another method  is   through the use of cookies, which are  small files of information  that   save and retrieve information about your visit to  our site.  Examples of  information include  how you  accessed  our site, how you navigated,  and what information  you found  interesting.  It may be noted  that  the cookies  identify the visitor  just as a number;  and you can always disable the cookie in your  computer by changing the settings in preferences or options menu in your browser.

How do we use the gathered  information?

We  basically use the information to  seek ways of improving our site. We analyze the information to determine how we can  make the site  more useful and effective.  If we use  any data / information for other purposes,  we would  explain it  to you  when  deciding  to use  it.

Do  we  share the  information with  others?

Being a responsible organization, we highly respect and value your privacy. We never sell your information to any  third party.  On occasions when you  submit any information, we will notify you as to why we are asking for specific information;  and  you are always at liberty to  provide or refuse  it.   

Do we give you access to your information?

You  have the right  to know whether we  retain  information about you. If we do,   you   have  access to that information . You have the right to  ensure  the information is  correct  if it is inaccurate.  If you ever notice   any  errors,  you can  have it corrected  by sending us an e-mail.

How  do we ensure  data security?

We  adopt  measures to   maintain the security of your data on  our site.  However, it should be noted that  the internet is an  open system and  owing to its  vulnerability,  data  flow may not always be  100%  safe & secure.  Hence  data may be  accessed and used by people other than those for whom the data is intended.  In spite of all  pitfalls,  we are  quite serious about   maintaining your privacy and creating a valuable resource for you to use.  Please contact us  when you  have any questions.   

Changes to our Privacy Policy

BET   reserves the right to modify or amend this privacy statement at any time and for any reason. Nothing contained herein creates or is intended to create a contract  /  agreement between  BET   and any  visitor  or providing identifying information of any kind.

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