Purpose, Mission & The Values We Share

The purpose of  Blue-chip Enabling Technologies  is to provide  enduring  solutions to  organizations  to  continually  enhance excellence in this ever- changing world     

To become the  most   admirable consulting  firm in the South Asia /  Middle East region  within  the next three years  by  providing   state-of-the-art   IT &  Management solutions   

We are deeply committed to operate in compliance with time-tested values and  principles.  These are our  guideposts. All our people  are  guided by them.

Passion to  satisfy customer  needs / expectation .
 We are  a  principle- centered, research-driven solutions provider. We are  not a market-driven company  seeking profit maximization.  
We earnestly  strive to win customer trust. Our benefits must come from our dedicated efforts to perfectly fulfill the needs of our customers.
We  value  customer  loyalty   most  highly. Customer partnership and   shared  commitment   are  our  key   driving forces.  
Learn   & Innovate  
We  are a knowledge-driven enterprise.  We strive to expand the boundaries of knowledge by developing and promoting research. We strive to   create a fertile ground for our people  to flourish  with  a sense of pride, dignity, and accomplishment.  They  can  feely  apply their creativity, skills,  and talents  to develop  innovative  solutions for  the benefit of  society;  because we believe our destinies – that of ourselves, our clients, and the community – are intertwined.  Our view is  holistic.  The yard-sticks  to measure   our success  are  the  effectiveness  in the   use of  the knowledge, skills,  creativity,  innovation,  and  team work of our employees

Dedicated  Talent  Management
Our people are  our  most   valued asset.  We  will  always   recognize exceptional talent, and  happily    move them throughout the organization.  We strive to  develop  leaders and  diligently pursue   development  programs.

Commitment  to   excellence
We  will   relentlessly  pursue excellence  in  all our activities.  We  will  continually raise   the bar and drive  our   teams to deliver  superior quality  solutions  to perfectly meet our  clients’   needs. We  ensure  that defects  and deficiencies  do not get   masked   and that problems are  fixed   permanently  whenever they arise.  

Have audacious goals
We believe it is essential to think big to  grow big.   We  encourage our people to  have audacious goals  and  grow rich.   We must  communicate a bold direction that inspires results.  So we always   think differently and   constantly  seek  better   ways to serve customers.

Discipline &  Frugality
We  attach great importance to these.  We believe  Discipline &  Frugality  are  quintessential  constituents  of  progress.   We   never  encourage  our   clients  to  throw  money on  unproductive and unworthy  causes. Nor do we   spend money on things that do not  matter to our  people  &  clients. 

Standards of conduct
We  expect our   employees to show  the   highest degree  of   ethics in  all   aspects   of  our business.  We greatly value and respect  personal and professional integrity. All our activities  must be   conducted with honesty  and integrity,   and by adhering to our CSR  principles.   

Respect  for   people
We will treat  our employees  with respect and dignity;   and  we  are committed to preserving their rights.  We will provide them safe,  healthy, and pleasant  environment  to  enable them sustain  high motivation.  We  respect    our people’s   desire for    growth  and accomplishment, regardless of  their position.  We deal with  them all  with  honesty and consideration.  We  are  always  receptive to  suggestions  and   constructive criticism.  We   value good   performance and  reward  it.   We  always seek  prudent and  transparent decision-making.

Social   Responsibility
CSR  is an integral  part of our   policy.    We  firmly believe that we are an integral part of society. We aim to aid society  through our products and services.   We believe that all our investors, employees, customers, and society should benefit from our business. We are committed to all of them.

We consider sustainability a  most quintessential  factor.  Human race  is no longer  left with  unlimited resources.  Believing otherwise  would  be   sheer  folly.  With  many life sustaining  resources  increasingly  facing depletion,   sustainability has become a  choice for  our  survival. We  are  committed to  promoting   sustainability  by all possible means.  We  are determined to utilizing our resources  responsibly with great respect for the environment

Integrity  is  among our  most cherished values.  Integrity is  choosing the right  and doing the right thing, always. We  are honest in  projecting   our   capabilities.  We  respect our clients’  legitimate  right to have   confidentiality of    information.   We always ensure that  our purpose in  seeking information  is   morally defensible.  We  never make hollow   promises  to  mislead clients.
We understand that  Integrity   demands  courage, conviction, and   above all, accountability.  We earnestly strive to deliver   superior results,  in  compliance with our commitment to our  clients.  

Customer Focus  
Our clients  are our  first & foremost focus ,  and they deserve the best.  Our success is determined by the  success of our   clients.  We  fully commit our   resources   to  help our   clients  accomplish their goals.  We   earnestly  strive to  understand their needs as well as  expectations .

Driving competitive advantage
We  are concerned about  the  competitive advantage  for our clients.  We  look into all the relevant  systems & criteria while  exploring  possibilities  for our clients.  We  rely  on valid data  and look into  root causes and  clear logic  for our analyses.  Our decision-making is  based on   proven  techniques  and  sound judgment  that will ensure our clients’ strategic  success.  

Value   creation 
Client value creation is our critical goal. We seek to deliver  palpable change, not just  ideas.  We  have adopted ideal standards  for  client value creation  so that  our clients  achieve  tangible results, as  they expect of us.  We know that value creation  requires  dedicated  efforts  and  innovation.  So we  seek to instill the  right mindset  to achieve it.    

We  know that  we  live in a highly inter-dependent world.  So we value our relationships   most highly.  Our views on relationships are  sublime, holistic, and  long-term.  Our relationships  - both internal and external - are built on the foundation  of  mutual respect, trust, and   timeless values.  Hence they are naturally  strong and durable.    

We believe we will achieve our goals with the help of God Almighty

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