Our seven strategic pillars

            Our strategy  is  encompassed by   Seven  Strategic Pillars  that  sustain   all aspects of our business.

           All our  Strategic Pillars  have  specific, individual   goals and plans.  Each pillar stands on  a number of critical criteria  in relation to our  business in general and our stakeholders  in particular.  We have  specific   objectives for each pillar  to ensure  effective process  management  and performance monitoring.

  1. Leadership driven by vision & values
  2. Direction  guided  by Strategic Planning
  3. People
  4. Customer
  5. Society
  6. Suppliers / Associates / Partners & Resources
  7. Knowledge & Technology

            BET is a strong believer in and supporter of   the UN Global Compact to effectively pursue social responsibility and sustainability goals.

             We support and respect the ten principles relating to human rights, the environment, labor rights, and anti-corruption. These ten principles are embedded into our system & working environment.  They are part of our code of ethics.