Our commitment to our people

commitmentWe  strongly  believe  that  our  people are our key asset.  To  put it into practice, we have  developed and will be developing  many  programs and practices. It  reflects  our commitment to attracting the  best talents   from around the world.

BET’s    People Charter  is designed    to  ensure   efficacy        and  consistency   to  our     talent   management    system.   Our   goals is    is  to have   a working culture and environment    that  inspires our people to  stay with us.

The People Charter   emphasizes   our firm commitment to:effective   performance management process that  evaluates our employees based on  all aspects  of   their  performance  success   through Learning & development  Effective motivational systems, rewards & recognition programs to acknowledge all  those  deliver outstanding results.    harmonious  environment  that  helps  in   free exchange of ideas     The Health, Safety and Well-being of all our employees:safe and healthy   working environment and  that  helps them achieve  proper  work-life balance.

We   will be making continuous efforts to  fully  achieve and sustain the above-mentioned.

Learning & Development  

Learning   today is  a most  vital   requirement for success.  It is the fountainhead of value creation, without which organizations cannot   win out in today’s  highly  challenging environment.   By   enhancing the   talents and capabilities of our employees,  BET     is  continually   augmenting its   capability.   We  attach utmost importance to   developing and   retaining  a highly skilled, collaborative and agile workforce that’ capable of   delivering   outstanding   performance.

Occupational   Health &  Safety

Our    HRM   is   well   organized    to effectively manage    Health and Safety in the workplace.   Fortunately,  our  businesses do not involve high-risk activities.   We have   adopted   effective   policies & procedures to   address  all    Health and Safety  concerns.  We abide by all local Health and Safety legal requirements. Our Health and Safety policies   comprise   information, instruction and training covering such   matters as  Accidents, First Aid and Work Related Health Issues , Disability,   Emergency Procedures, and safe handling  of  everything   risky / harmful.   

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