Message from the CEO

                   We are  a  company built on a distinct vision and  driven by a set of  great values. It is  reflected in  every  aspect of our business.  We are committed to  providing  practical, result-oriented,  and  intelligent solutions to   our customers   while ensuring their   sustainability.  

Our commitment  and passion for  excellence  are   amply  reflected in our core values and beliefs. They give us the impetus to  offer our clients  superior  service  in   their quest for excellence. They are the driving force behind everything we do. We continuously endeavor to exceed  our  customers’   expectations.  In response to emerging situations, we will continually improve our solutions. The only thing that will never change  at  BET  is our  unshakeable commitment and  our  core  values that we have embraced as  sacred.    We are determined to be a responsible    company   that   encourages  our employees, clients, suppliers and partners to   play  roles   with   total commitment  towards achieving our  lofty goals.   Then only we will be able to  take on  the challenges of sustainability  for   the benefit  of all.  

We are dedicated to providing  superior client service, client value creation, people development, adherence to ethical code, and  above all, steadfastly  preserving  integrity and moral rectitude. We believe that  it is   distinct values and principles that differentiate  great companies from mediocre ones. By adhering to our values  and  principles, we  will achieve results that are good for all.  

As regards the future, we are focused on   effective   execution of our growth  strategy  to  fulfill the  emerging,  challenging  needs of our clients  by offering   cutting-edge solutions  to  help them achieve  brilliant  results;  and also on  achieving  greater  people and society results. Our brand , propelled by  our people’s   innovation and dedicated efforts,   is poised for   greater success in the  coming years. We are  excited about  the stupendous  prospect  and anticipate  durable partnerships with our  clients.  We  also anticipate strong and meaningful relationships with all our stakeholders.    

 We  hope that by  helping  organizations  effectively take on the  challenges in today’s turbulent environment and  by enabling them to   achieve  their  goals,   we will be  transforming them to enduring   models,   with the   attributes of  Fortune’s   most  admired  companies.

BET hereby assures the investor community will get excellent     opportunity to     share the benefits.

Thank you for your interest in BET.  We look forward to the opportunity to  serve  you.     

Anil Pillai
CEO  & Chief Strategist